Bar Stories

Since this blog is popular with at least a few drinkers with writing problems, I thought I should direct your attention to this new collection of stories, Bar Stories, edited by Nan Byrne. I'll admit, I haven't read every story in here yet; in fact, I've only read one-- Michael Piafsky's "Numbers Game"-- but that one was really, really good. Granted, Michael's one of my closest friends in the world, so some of you would think I'm biased. Untrue. Michael's my friend because he's a good writer-- we met at the University of Missouri when we each started our Ph.D. work in creative writing in 2002. If he wasn't such a gifted writer (and, I suppose, if I wasn't such a talented academic fraud), we never would have met, much less become friends. So, you see, I can assure you that the story is quite good.

I assume the rest of the stories in the collection are good too. I plan on pouring myself a stiff drink and finding out for myself later this evening.

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