Thank God for the Roomba and the Random Ten

I love this guy. I was hesitant at first, but Amy was all about owning a robot and since neither of us like to sweep and we have two cats who are more hair than anything else, I went along (like I had a choice--she has the credit cards). And now I'm convinced that it's one of the greatest inventions of the late 20th century. I'll be setting it off in about five minutes and I'll be preparing for the dinner guests we're having in about 3 hours.

And if you're into other automatic cleaning devices, I heartily recommend the shower thing by the scrubbing bubbles people. It's a quality of life improver, that's for damn sure.

Here's the random ten--put your iPod or computer's music player on random and post the next ten songs that pop up. No cheating to hide your secret ABBA love. Here we go.

1. Let Me Clear My Throat--DJ Kool with Doug E Fresh & Biz Markie
2. Have You Ever Seen the Rain--Creedence Clearwater Revival
3. Carolina In My Mind--James Taylor
4. Danville Girl--Spider John Koerner
5. Enid--Barenaked Ladies
6. Bales of Cocaine--Reverend Horton Heat
7. What Has Happened?--Big Smith
8. Human Fly--Nouvelle Vague
9. From Four Till Late--Robert Johnson
10. Get Back--The Beatles

Here's a video for number one there, and no, that's not me in the tuxedo shorts, though I would certainly wear them given the opportunity.

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