Early stages of middle age paranoia and the Random Ten

I've become paranoid about my left ankle. I don't trust it anymore--rolling it six times in the last 2+ years will do that to you. I'll be looking up an orthopedist for some PT very soon, but in the meantime, I've started more or less gripping handrails while on stairs, especially when descending. On a bad day, it's clasp-release-clasp; on better days, it's more a gliding across the top, close enough to brace my body with my forearm and ready to grasp should my ankle betray me. And if I have coffee in my hand, I don't even try it anymore. It's the elevator, which is shameful from my point of view.

Here's the random ten--the iTunes is on party shuffle, and here are the next ten songs. No skipping the Flock of Seagulls/Van Hagar mashup you downloaded while drunk and thought was the most brilliant thing you'd ever heard. Here we go.

1. Concrete Schoolyard--Jurassic 5
2. Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Male--Todd Snider
3. I Can Do Anything--De La Soul
4. Learning to Fly--Pink Floyd
5. Traveling Riverside Blues--Robert Johnson
6. Penelope--Pinback
7. It's War--The Cardigans
8. Where You Gonna Run--Talib Kweli Featuring Jean Grae
9. Sometimes--Alejandro Escovedo
10. Buckets of Rain--Neko Case
That's a mixture all right--old school hip-hop, political rap, classic blues, classic rock, alt-country, and pop. What's on your lists--anyone willing to share this week? Or what parts of your body do you no longer trust--no adult-diaper wearing stories, please.

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