On Football

Generally, I do one of these a year, right before the Superbowl--one of my first posts was on the Panthers versus the Patriots. I'm usually a passing fan by this time of the year because the Saints are never in it by now, and I do mean never. If you pay even the slightest attention to football, you know that the Saints are the feel-good story of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if there's already a movie deal in the works with Brad Pitt starring as Drew Brees.

So for once, I'm still interested in football in January, at least through Sunday.

It occurs to me that of the possible matchups, there are two sexy ones from the NFL's standpoint. The first involves the Saints and the Colts, the combination of the feel-good story of the year and Payton Manning's quest to win the big one, tied up with the whole "home boy versus the home team" story.

The other sexy matchup is one I really hope doesn't happen, and not because of my feelings for the Saints. It's the Patriots and the Bears, which would be a rematch of the 1984 Superbowl, famous for Refrigerator Perry, Jim McMahon, and the Superbowl Shuffle, which would no doubt be revisited ad nauseam for the two weeks between the league championship games and the Superbowl. If that happens, I might swear off football altogether.

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