Help me out. I'm confused.

So Ray Nagin wins re-election to the position of Mayor of New Orleans. But every report I've seen calls it a narrow win. Nagin eked it out, they say. What's eking it out?

4 percentage points. 5,000 votes out of 114,000 cast. 52-48.

How is a 52-48 victory anything but a clear win? Hell, conservatives were calling Bush's 51-49 victory a clear mandate. 52-48 ought to get Nagin a handjob by that standard.

Now I won't pretend to know whether or not the citizens of New Orleans made a good decision--I haven't lived in Louisiana since 1999, and never in the city (though if I ever go back, that's where I'm going)--but come on people. A victory is a victory, Give Nagin his due on this one.

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