Friday Random Ten

Guess I'll do this while we wait to find out if Amy's getting her wisdom teeth out today or not--scheduling screwup. iTunes on "Party Shuffle" (as if the speakers on my laptop would be party worthy)? Check. Here we go.

1. Dinah--Lionel Hampton
2. I Feel Free--Cream
3. Sweet Georgia Brown--Benny Goodman
4. Willow Garden--Big Smith The most violent music, song for song, in the US, is old-time hill music.
5. Two Clowns--The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir
6. Baby's In Black--The Beatles
7. It Don't Mean a Thing--Django Reinhardt
8. Time For Me To Fly--REO Speedwagon
9. Bo Diddley--Bo Diddley
10. Early Sunsets Over Monrovia--My Chemical Romance See what happens when you download music (legally, I might add) for your daughter?

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