Friday Random Ten, Saturday Morning Edition

Long day with student conferences yesterday--for the last three days, actually, so this slipped. On the plus side, we saw the new Wallace and Gromit movie last night. It's a wonderfully sweeet and funny film. The previews all sucked major ass, as did the opening cartoon starring the Madagascar penguins--kind of made me think I probably didn't miss anything by not seeing that one. But go see Wallace and Gromit--it's delightful.

So here's the random ten, from my laptop's iTunes as opposed to my iPod:

1. I Shot the Sheriff (live)--Eric Clapton
2. Get Out the Map--Indigo Girls
3. Kill the Poor--Dead Kennedys
4. The Sky is Crying (live)--Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, and B. B. King
5. When I Fall--Barenaked Ladies
6. Crossroad Blues--Robert Johnson
7. God Shuffled His Feet--Crash Test Dummies
8. That's a Plenty--Red Nichols
9. Shake a Leg--Marcia Ball
10. Love My Way--Psychedelic Furs

That's an interesting set there. I think I'm still a bit blues-heavy in my collection, but I don't know where else to branch off into currently.

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