Gatemouth Brown dead at 81

When I first started really getting into the blues about 7 years ago, during the heady, early days of Napster, I came across Gatemouth Brown and immediately fell in love. His guitar style was just different from the other people I was downloading--Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Son House, just to name a few. "C-Jam Blues" is still one of my favorite tracks to just kick back and listen to.

So I was saddened today when I read the news today that Gatemouth Brown had escaped Hurricane Katrina only to die in his hometown of Orange, Texas.

I never had the chance to see him perform live--the closest I ever got was seeing a sign while driving through Memphis on my way back to Louisiana that he'd be performing that night on Beale Street, and let me tell you--I was tempted to stop and check out the show.

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