My letter to my Representative

Rep. Pelosi,
I live in your district, and I happily cast my vote for you on Nov. 2, but your reacent actions in the selection of the new DNC chair are causing me to rethink that decision. In the short time I've lived in San Francisco, I've been more pleased than not about your actions as Minority Leader. You've called out the Republican leadership and the President and his administration on important issues, and you've done your best to block some heinous legislation while simultaneously keeping the disparate elements of the Democratic party focused on the necessity to be an opposition party.

But it's time to realize that some of the things that come out of Washington aren't doing us a lot of good as a national party, and the current battle over the DNC chairpersonship is one example of that. The last two times that you and Harry Reid have come out in support of a candidate, he's been a conservative who stands in opposition to many of the core values of the party. We seem to have forgotten who we are in this quest for short term electoral power. And I for one won't abide it.

I'm not a big contributor, either to candidates or to the party, because I don't have much money. I'm one of those twenty dollar donors, but in the last election cycle, between my girlfriend and me, we gave over $2,000 to ether the party or individual candidates, gave money to 527 groups, and raised money from friends and family members as well. And I will make you this promise--if the Democratic party selects a Washington insider for their chair, they'll not see a penny from me or my girlfriend in the next cycle. We'll give our money to 527 groups and progressive organizations and candidates instead.

I'm one of a large group of people who became financially active in the last campaign season, and who are disappointed to say the least in the returns we received. We want change, and we expect it from our leadership. Here's your chance to prove to us that you understand what we're after.

Are you a reform Democrat? Write your own letter.

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