What's the matter, Hannity?

Yesterday, Sean Hannity had one of those poll questions on his site that liberal bloggers just love. We love it like Barry loves a belt-high hanging slider. It was one of those questions that you know he was hoping for one answer on--we strove to disappoint him. It was just another Kerry-Bush-Nader internet poll, but it was on Hannity's site, so we had some fun. And let's just say that he didn't get the answer he wanted. That link is a screenshot from when Kerry was up 63-35. The final tally had Kerry at 75%.

So now Hannity's got a new poll up, guaranteed to keep the liberals away.

What is your reaction to Al Gore after hearing his rants about President Bush?
Finally lost it.
Needs more meds.
Should find a peaceful island

Oh well. When you can't beat them with logic, question their sanity--that's the right-wing way.

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