Their mothers must be so proud.

As I mentioned below, some joker signed me up for Newsmax email updates. I imagine it was the troll. But if he/she thought it would piss me off, well, guess again.

Here's how classy they are. Direct from the email:

2. Kerry's Daughter Takes Film to Cannes

One of the films on the Cannes line-up comes from a filmmaker with a unique resume. Her father is presumptive Democrat presidential nominee John Kerry.

Alexandra Kerry's mother is not John's current wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. Rather, Alexandra is the offspring of a prior marriage between the senator and Julia Thorne.

The would-be prez's daughter already has four short films under her belt. Her latest is a surreal story about a girl dealing with her father's return from the Vietnam War.

Alexandra claims that beyond the father-daughter relationship, the movie is not autobiographical.

The Left Coast Report wonders if Chelsea Clinton is thinking of submitting a film about a daughter who's dealing with her father being trapped in a Hooters after closing.

Nice. Why not just reprint Limbaugh's "White House pet" joke while you're at it? Weren't you the guys who were screaming about dignity in the 2000 election? Weren't you the people screaming that the President's daughters ought to be out of the spotlight when they got busted for underage drinking and for using the Secret Service as a bunch of designated drivers?

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