So I'm doing a reading

Next Tuesday night at the Stanford Bookstore, I'll be doing a poetry reading, and I'm more than a little nervous about it.

I haven't done a reading in over a year--my last one was my senior reading at Arkansas, and it was mercifully small, thanks to ice storms and hazardous driving conditions.

The real problem is that since I've come to Stanford, since I've gotten this fellowship, I've been reexamining my poetry to such a point that I've lost most confidence in it. it's the workshop atmosphere that does it--and it's certainly not the fault of my fellows. This has been easily the best workshop I've ever been in, and I wouldn't trade this situation for anything. I just tend to start writing for other people when I'm in workshop, and I do my best work outside of that influence.

I'll get through it, I'm sure. It's the last meeting of the term, and it will be the last meeting with the second year Stegners, who I will miss horribly. They've become good friends in the last year. Keep an eye out for their work--you won't be sorry.

Geoff Brock (translator for Umberto Eco).
David Roderick (finalist for the Yale Younger Series this year).
John Lundberg. (published in Poetry this year)
Monica Ferrell. (published in the Paris Review)
Robin Ekiss (finalist for the Walt Whitman award this year--woo hoo!)

Sorry y'all if I didn't mention more of your plaudits. Catch me up on them this weekend at the party.

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