New link

So why do I, a Louisianan living in California who has never set foot in the state of Illinois, have a link to Democratic Senate candidate Barack Obama's new blog? The answer is quite simple--regardless of what Zell Miller says, the Democratic party is a national party, and so since Barbara Boxer is currently cruising toward re-election, I'm turning my attention to other parts of the country.

Obama is part of the Dean Dozen, and Dean apparently has plans to campaign with him in Illinois in the near future. And considering that Dean was able to raise a cool half million for Kerry in a day yesterday, I guess it's safe to say that Dean's influence is still palpable.

I've been following Obama for a couple of months now, mostly through the Daily Kos so when he asked, through his blog, for helping spread the word, I was glad to add my endorsement. I'll do the same for other members of the Dean Dozen as I look at their websites and see where they stand on issues that are important to me.

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