Kick ass in the tax argument

The Republican party mantra, for as long as I can remember, is that taxes are bad and that we as a nation need to take money away from the government and give it back to the people. As far as soundbites go, it's largely effective, because hey, who hasn't looked at their paycheck and thought the difference between gross and net pay wasn't a bit vast? It's especially the case at the lower income levels because every penny is more important then.

Here's the downside--the mantra has been so effective that some lower income people have been persuaded to think that they pay too much in taxes as well, and thus vote against their interests. So how can we convince them to do otherwise?

The Gadflyer provides some ammo for the progressives in the form of 8 argument/counterarguments. Here's a brief taste for you.

Argument: Americans pay high taxes.
Response: Among industrialized countries, taxes in America are remarkably low. In fact, Americans pay less in taxes as a proportion of GDP than citizens of almost any other industrialized country.

Across the ideological spectrum, Americans love government services but hate paying taxes. So when a conservative starts complaining that taxes are too high, a good way to argue back is to say, "OK, what do you want to cut? Do you want to cut defense spending? Do you want to cut spending on schools? Social Security? Medicare?" If they say something like "How about cutting welfare?" you can let them know that welfare, currently known as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, comprises less than 1% of the federal budget.

Go. Study. Prepare.

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