If there were any doubt left

Media Matters may wind up being one of the best resources for right-wing bullshit busting on the internet. If the very best that the opposition can come up with is that David Brock is associated with it, then you know Media Matters is going to be hitting close to home.

This post references a speech made by Ralph Reed to Nevada voters basically urging them to get their news from right-wing radio and, you guessed it, Fox News. The day before, Dick Cheney praised Fox for its accuracy.

The facts? Well, there are the ongoing polls by PIPA that show Fox viewers are largely uninformed, and now Media Matters has commissioned one as well.

Media Matters for America recently commissioned a poll conducted by the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group. Among the findings was that FOX News Channel viewers disproportionately hold inaccurate or false views. "Among daily viewers of FOX News Channel, 72 percent say there is strong evidence about Iraq's possession of WMD and development of nuclear weapons, while only 44 percent of those who watch FOX infrequently say that this statement is true," the poll found.

Fox News--as accurate as the administration wants them to be.

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